A Story of a Promising Puppy —

This sweet story brings into focus the most important aspect of one’s relationship with any pet: they give you all their love, but they need, and deserve, some of the same in return. The rest works itself out. — Carolyn Stigler Managing Director, Cavalier Rescue, USA

Carolyn Stigler

Lord, Help Me To Flourish. A Coloring Devotional
Wow! I cannot even tell you how ingenious this devotional is. God created us to be in a vibrant relationship with Him, yet we’ve become so busy all we’ve done is put Him on our to-do list and spend little time drawing near. Well my friend, that is about to change! “Lord, Help Me Flourish” is the single most creative devotional I’ve ever seen. It will remind you that God designed you to be in a passionate love affair with Him while drawing out your imaginative, artistic side you forgot you even had. Plan to give one to every woman you know! It is truly an inspired work of art.
CEO of Fashion Meets Faith and Author of Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear

Shari Braendel