A Story of Promising Puppy

REVISED EDITION 2015 with discussion guide and activities

Star, a promising show puppy, is full of life and beauty, until he finds himself in a home where love and attention seem lacking. Will Star still grow into his full potential?

Told through the eyes of a precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, this delightful story will appeal to the hearts of children and adults, sharing a message of unconditional love and hope. For breeders, it’s a wonderful way to pass along the importance of responsible dog ownership.

The discussion guide and activities at the end of the book was created to help facilitate discussion with children in order to encourage responsible dog ownership. Great for the classroom or to read at home with your children. This book has also been used by volunteers for the Girls Scout Animal Helper Badge. Read more about how to use this book to share the message of responsible dog ownership. (56 pages)



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The new educational section with discussion guide and activities for children received a wonderful endorsement by Maryscott “Scotti” Glasgow,  Ed.D., former classroom teacher and college professor; developer of digital math curriculum and math facilitator for the Little Rock (AR) School District:

Excerpt of the Book Review by Holly Cornwell, Editor, Royal Spaniels Magazine, Winter, 2011

 “Royal Spaniels” is internationally recognized as the premier magazine 
for Cavalier King Charles and English Toy Spaniel fanciers.

SVP Book-reviewA few months ago, I was visiting the website of fellow Cavalier breeder, Leila Grandemange of Grandville Cavaliers. It was there that I saw Leila has a new company called Sunny Ville Publishing, and she was announcing the release of a new book authored by her called, “A Story of a Promising Puppy.” I was instantly drawn to the book by a photo of an adorable Cavalier puppy who graces the cover. With the book not officially released yet, I asked Leila if we at TRS might have a sneak peek into its pages. She graciously obliged.

I read the story out loud to my four-year-old son, who listened intently as we learned the tale of Star, a promising Cavalier King Charles Spaniel show puppy. Star has the beauty he needs, but he finds himself in a home where love is absent. As the story unfolds, it reminds us of the important fact that love is needed to help all things grow to their full potential.

The story was fun to read, and my young son enjoyed it as well, proving it can touch the hearts of animal lovers young and old.

The Doggie’s Prayer at the end is something I especially enjoyed. Its words of wisdom should be passed on to every new puppy owner. It can also serve as a reminder to the seasoned veterans of the dog show game that they need to keep into perspective what is truly important.


More than just a story bout being a responsible dog owner, it brings to light an important life lesson that every child should know- you are beautiful, special, and loved. My students loved it!  -Trina Locke, 3rd Grade Teacher

A charming rhyming read about a delightful Cavalier puppy that will enchant children and their parents, too! Beautifully illustrated, its message of love proves nurturing is its own reward.”
-Patricia V. Trotter, breeder, judge, author, Vin-Melca Norwegian Elkhounds

I have read your book several times, and what a delight it is. As well as being a charming story it also has a message on other levels. It shows that true beauty is more that just skin deep; it’s the inner feelings where true beauty lies. And it is also a great education for children as it teaches responsibility, and I’m sorry to say that in this modern day throw-away society, ‘responsibility’ is something that seems to be somewhat lacking in education today. Once again, thank you so much for the book.
-Dennis Homes, Leogem Cavaliers

Every breeder, every owner should have this book as a precious guide. I enjoyed reading it and tears came up to my eyes.
-Alix Jauffret, Passeriphane Cavaliers, breeder (France), FCI judge

This is a perfect pet owner’s manual!
-Scott Noe, DVM, Bedford Animal Hospital, Virginia

Upcoming tears when reading. It’s in fact not a story about a puppy, but more a life-lesson about the true value in life. -Hans Boelaars, Lamslag Cavaliers

This sweet story brings into focus the most important aspect of one’s relationship with any pet: they give you all their love, but they need, and deserve, some of the same in return. The rest works itself out.
-Carolyn Stigler Managing Director, Cavalier Rescue, USA http://www.cavalierrescueusa.org

As I read the story (being a pastor), I couldn’t help seeing it as a sort of parable. Like Jesus’ parables, it takes something we have experience with and teaches us deeper spiritual truths. Captured in the story is the truth that God has a desired future for us, a future that becomes a reality as we are loved by God and respond to that love. “New Beginnings” reflects our need for a new life that is given by a new owner. “Reflections of Glory” is a picture of what we become when we belong to the Owner who loves us in ways that transform us. What wonderful illustrations of the Journey God invites us to take with Him!

-Woody Torrence, Senior Pastor, Blue Ridge Community Church, Forest, Virginia

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