Un Petit Chien Plein de Promesses

French front cover drop shadowFRENCH DESCRIPTION: Star est un petit chien adorable et plein de promesses, jusqu’a ce qu’il se retrouve dans un foyer ou l’amour et l’attention semblent manquer. Star va-t’il se developper et donner le meilleur de lui-meme? Racontee a travers le regard d’un adorable chiot Cavalier King Charles cette delicieuse histoire interpelle le couer des enfants et des adultes, partangeant un message d’amour sans condition. C’est aussi une fabuleuse maniere de montrer combien il est important d’etre un proprietaire de chien responsable. Venez, marchez avec Star sur le chemin de l’Amour.

ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: Star, a promising show puppy, is full of life and beauty, until he finds himself in a home where love and attention seem lacking. Will Star grow into his full potential? Told through the eyes of a precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, this delightful story will appeal to hearts of children and adults, sharing a message of unconditional love. It is also a wonderful way to pass along the importance of responsible dog ownership.

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Every breeder, every owner should have this book as a precious guide. I enjoyed reading it and tears came up to my eyes.
-Alix Jauffret, Passeriphane Cavaliers, breeder (France), FCI judge

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